My iPhone Grew A Spine!

The search for the perfect iPhone case is always a challenge. Well, my search is officially over! I received my case today from The CapsuleRebel is quite possibly the coolest looking case I have seen for any device to date.

It starts with a rubber shell that wraps the phone in protection goodness, then the “spine,” a hardshell plastic piece snaps on over the rubber keeping it from coming off.

Other accessories include two static cling covers (although, I am sticking with the anti-glare film because it doesn’t show the fingerprints), A plastic stand that allows you to prop the iPhone up for video viewing, a cover that plugs up the dock connection when not in use, and a universal dock adaptor so you can dock the iPhone without removing the case.

It comes in your choice of white or black to compliment the color you chose to buy. I am thinking I might buy the black one because I think it would look really cool (especially around Halloween) to have the black rubber with the white ribs on the back!

You can purchase it directly from Switcheasy’s website for $24.99 plus $3.00 shipping. This is a huge improvement over the original capsule that was designed for the first gen iPhone! I think I might actually continue using this case for once!

Update: It looks like they thought of my idea! Besides adding some cool colored cases, they have also added a black w/white spine like I wanted to do! It looks just as cool as I expected it would!


One comment on “My iPhone Grew A Spine!

  1. Black and orange or yellow would be good – very bee-like or waspish. I had a classic iPod case like that. The one I got for my iPhone, I went for simple black silicon. And yes, I do now love my iPhone – it lacks in some areas, but in most it makes everything really nice and easy to access and use! x

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