In Memorium

Well, Dan and I continue to get kicked by that steel-toed boot. Dan and I found out that our dear Nina Puppy-head passed away this week.

I called to see if I could visit Nina on the way back from my brother’s house after a day of sorting through my Dad’s belongings. I needed a little pick-me-up. He told me he needed me to send him some pictures of Nina to confirm his fears. He said that they had lost one of the puppies, and he was pretty sure it was our Nina.

I talked with him this afternoon after getting the pictures, and it was indeed our Nina that had passed. She suffered from Fading Puppy Syndrome. Basically SIDS for puppies. She stopped nursing and became despondent.

Dan and I will be heading up this weekend to look at ther rest of the puppies and are hopping to find another one that we find a connection with as strong as Nina’s.

She may have only been around for a little under 6 weeks, but she made a very big impression on Dan and myself in that time. She will be sadly missed!


Nina Puppy-head of Andio’s

So we headed back up to Brighton to get to see our new sweetie, Nina. We got pictures this time! She is just too precious!

We got to meet the father of Nina today, and he has just as good a disposition as the mother of Nina! Now if only Sept. 10th would hurry up and get here.

Here is a gallery of her pics

Paris is Burning!

Yup, Paris is burning, and I think McCain might need some ointment at this point. I never thought I would be able to respect Ms. Hilton, but she has proved me wrong with her response to McCain using her in his latest commercial! I am sure she didn’t write it, but still this is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!

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