Happy Halloween!

Lucille in Her costume, right before she figured out how to take it off!

Lucille in Her costume, right before she figured out how to take it off!

Wow this month has flown! It seems like I just started working the Haunted House yesterday, and it is over tomorrow night! It has been a lot of fun being in the house this year as opposed to being in charge of tickets! I have gotten some great scares out of everyone coming through!

Hopefully I will see a few more of you this weekend at Brutal Planet! To all of you I wish you a very Happy Halloween! Enjoy the evening, and I hope you make it to some great parties! I will be scaring the pants off of everyone again tonight!

I leave you with Amy Lee’s version of Sally’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas found on Nightmare Revisited, a great collection of the soundtrack revisited by a wide range of artists!



After years of traveling to Lodo for our spices… we will only have to go 5 minutes from our house now! Savory Spice Shop is opening a new one in Lowry.

If you are a fan of cooking or baking, you have got to check this place out! They sell wholesale spices in any quantity you need, even down to just a pinch if that is what your recipe calls for! I discovered their Vietnamese Cinnamon for baking the Pumpkin Cake each year, along with nutmeg that I freshly grind. They have some amazing Steak, Chicken and Fish rubs, and just about any other spice you can imagine.

If you haven’t been, they are having their grand opening this weekend at 200 Quebec St. They are offering a 15% discount for purchases over $20 this weekend.

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Make Your Website iPhone Home Screen Ready In A Few Easy Steps

My iCon

My iCon

I have wondered how all these sites are able to make their little icons show up on the iPhone instead of a basic screen shot of the site. Well, turns out after a little research it is an extremely easy process!

I hope this helps you all out, and I expect to see you all making your icons so we don’t have those ugly screen shots on our iPhones!

Here it is in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Open the image you want to use in photoshop or image editor
Step 2: Crop the image to 45×45 pixels.
Step 3: Save the image as a png file with the name: apple-touch-icon.png
Step 4: Save this png in your root directory of your site and you are done!

This is the finished product on my home screen!

The Home Screen With My qPlog Icon

The Home Screen With My qPlog Icon

HO Scale Humans!

I found this today on Gizmodo. It’s pretty sweet. It’s a video of an Australian beach, using a tilt-shift lens to take off centered stills. When strung together in a video, it makes everyone look like they just stepped into an HO sized train layout.

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Obama for the iPhone

Screen Shot of Obama App

Screen Shot of Obama App

Thanks to Howard for the information on this one. Obama has released an app for the iPhone that has updates on his campaign with video and photos. Also gives you ways to help campaign for the Obama camp.

Way to go Obama! Staying on the forefront of technology shows a very forward thinking candidate!

It’s October! We all Know What That Means! Right?

Picture of Me from Brutal Planet '07

Picture of Me from Brutal Planet

Yup, Brutal Planet starts tomorrow night! This will be my 11th season working for the famous Denver house. I started orientation last night as for the first time I will be inside the house, not running the tickets! I got to tour the house and this could be the best year for the house!

I hope that you can all make it out and enjoy the spooks! I believe that the house is still $5 after gate admission, but at least that went down this year to $36.99, but there are plenty of places to get discount tickets, like online and King Soopers! We have two haunted houses this year again, but the new Ghost Blasters interactive haunted house is finally open as well. As always, kiddieland is having their trick or treat trail for the little ones.

Happy October everyone!