Obama for the iPhone

Screen Shot of Obama App

Screen Shot of Obama App

Thanks to Howard for the information on this one. Obama has released an app for the iPhone that has updates on his campaign with video and photos. Also gives you ways to help campaign for the Obama camp.

Way to go Obama! Staying on the forefront of technology shows a very forward thinking candidate!


5 comments on “Obama for the iPhone

  1. Anthony, You funny Guy! If being red-blooded means I have to be republican, I would rather be blue-blooded any day!

    Oh wait, being blue-blooded means being of noble lineage! 😉

  2. I can’t see the UK political parties doing this. Sometimes it’s like they haven’t got to grips with radio with pictures, ie television.

    It’s clever, sure, but if Labour did it, we’d all be too scared to install it, thinking it was another one of the government’s nannying surveillance initiatives designed to snoop on us from getting out of to getting into bed. I’d best not give them ideas… Before you know it, they’ll have something for the iPhone that gives you an electric shock for thinking unapproved thoughts! x

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