It’s October! We all Know What That Means! Right?

Picture of Me from Brutal Planet '07

Picture of Me from Brutal Planet

Yup, Brutal Planet starts tomorrow night! This will be my 11th season working for the famous Denver house. I started orientation last night as for the first time I will be inside the house, not running the tickets! I got to tour the house and this could be the best year for the house!

I hope that you can all make it out and enjoy the spooks! I believe that the house is still $5 after gate admission, but at least that went down this year to $36.99, but there are plenty of places to get discount tickets, like online and King Soopers! We have two haunted houses this year again, but the new Ghost Blasters interactive haunted house is finally open as well. As always, kiddieland is having their trick or treat trail for the little ones.

Happy October everyone!


Elitch’s Set To Make Improvements!

According to this article from, the New Elitch Gardens is set to make some drastic improvements for this season!

The biggest and best decision in my mind is the admission price drop! The new price for admission will be $34.99 down from $44.99, also dropping is parking down to $10 from $15. The constant raise in prices is one of the reason that I feel Six Flags really was hurting Elitch Gardens. That price was just too high for such a small park!

20080319__ghostblasterp1.jpgOther improvements this year include a new dark ride called Ghost Blasters, where you ride in a car with a gun shooting at moving targets, kind of like the old shooting galleries, just this version you are moving! It’s been at least 20 years since Elitch’s got rid of The Haunted House at the old park, it was always one of my favorites. This will be an 8000 sq. ft Haunted House ride. They will be having a summer concert series this year with performers like Billy Ray Cyrus and Smash Mouth.

Sounds like Parc Management has finally allowed them to make some great decisions to help bring people back to Elitch Gardens!

More Elitch Discounts!

Sorry for the short notice, I tried getting this up yesterday, but ran out of time. If anyone is interested in going to Elitch’s this weekend, is offering a coupon that is good for 2 admissions for $19.98! That’s $9.99 a person… compared to the regular admission of $45.99, I’d say that is a bargain! Coupons are good if you get there before 6pm.

Also if you missed it in my update on the last post, Mix 100 and The ARC Thrift Stores are ganging up for Boo in the Gardens. Stop by a local ARC and pickup a coupon good for 1 admission for $8 on Oct. 27th & 28th if you get there before 3pm!

We open tomorrow night… hope that some of you around here can make it out!

Who cares about the Broncos or the Rockies… We’re talking about getting the wits scared out of you!

Crack Out the Cauldron and Zombies! UPDATE!

Halloween Season is upon us again! Spicy, I am officially entering this into your Cauldron contest :). This is my favorite time of year, as many of you know! It’s time for me to dig out my zombie attire, and head back to Brutal Planet! It’s become a tradition of mine that I almost didn’t do this year, but decided in the past few weeks that I would return again for my 10th and last season at Brutal Planet. (The name is supposedly being retired after this year).

This is a picture of me from a few seasons ago. I have a ton more of pictures from me and others at the haunted house on my gallery if you want to see more. (You will need to be using a modern browser like Firefox in order to view the gallery).

I will be working weekends through October at Elitch Gardens if anyone should want to stop by for a scare… I know it is expensive to get in, but there are plenty of places to get discount tickets! Bring in a Pepsi can or stop by most any fast food restaurant for discount coupons. Even purchase your tickets online here. Just whatever you do don’t pay full price! There is no reason to do such a thing. I believe King Soopers also sells discounted tickets. There are two haunted houses and plenty of street performers to entertain you. Brutal Planet is an additional $5 and is not recommended for children under 12 as it is quite gory.

I do hope that you can make it out and enjoy being scared to death! And if anyone is interested in trying to hit some of the other local haunted houses in the Denver Metro area, there are a lot of other great ones besides ours. Some of the ones that are not to be missed every year are Frightmare, Field of Corpses and Spider Mansion. These are always outstanding houses! If you need more information or reviews of the local houses, Haunted Denver is always a great resource.

THIS JUST IN!!! Mix 100 has teamed up with ARC Thrift Stores to host a special Boo in the Gardens at Elitch Gardens on the 27th and 28th. Details here how you can get a pass for $8 to get into the park that last weekend of the season!

Elitch Gardens Open For It’s New Season!

Elitch Gardens officially opened for it’s 2007 on April 28th. I am excited to see how the new owners improve the park’s morale and reputation here in Denver! Their new commercial has started to air finally. Here it is:

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And the the season pass offer version:

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The New Elitch Gardens!

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As of last Friday, it is finally offical! The New Elitch Gardens will be opening on April 28th, 2007! Finally out from under the grips of Six Flags, they are making efforts to return to it’s family park origins!

They have the starts of their new website up at While I am thrilled that they are still around, I am rather disappointed the new owners didn’t feel a price drop was in order for admission. However, anyone wanting to go, you can save $10 by purchasing right from their website! That’s at least good news.

Stripped of the Looney Tunes and Justice League characters, it will be interested to see what they bring this year. Early rumors around the web say a BMX Stunt Show will be replacing the Batman Stunt Show. A Cirque style show is to be making it’s premier in the Trocodero. There is supposed to be a press release today announcing all the new attractions coming for the 2007 season.

Here is an official press release from 9news. As predicted the two shows will be coming, as well as the return of Carnival De Fuego. They will also be getting a new waterslide.

Mind Eraser – Elitch Gardens

Mind Eraser
Recreation – Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado
This is as close a recreation to the Mind Eraser as I can get. Although, I will admit, I added an extra loop to fill space. 🙂

Type: Compact Inverted Coaster
Excitement Rating: 6.99
Speed: 55.57 mph
Ride Time: 1.18 minute
Length: 2823 ft.
Highest Drop: 111.29 ft.
Inversions: 5

Created in RCT3
Music: Rubberneckin’ by Elvis Prezley (Remixed by Jason Nevin)

Twister II – Elitch Gardens

Twister II
Recreation – Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado
This is as close a recreation to the Twister II as I can get in the current version of RCT3. Supposedly Soaked! will allow me to get a lot closer! I will be trying it again when it is released.

Type: Wooden Twister Coaster
Excitement Rating: 7.34
Speed: 52.28 mph
Ride Time: 1.34 minute
Length: 3233.57 ft.
Highest Drop: 91.33 ft.

Created in RCT3
Music: Let It Run by Jeff Lynne