After years of traveling to Lodo for our spices… we will only have to go 5 minutes from our house now! Savory Spice Shop is opening a new one in Lowry.

If you are a fan of cooking or baking, you have got to check this place out! They sell wholesale spices in any quantity you need, even down to just a pinch if that is what your recipe calls for! I discovered their Vietnamese Cinnamon for baking the Pumpkin Cake each year, along with nutmeg that I freshly grind. They have some amazing Steak, Chicken and Fish rubs, and just about any other spice you can imagine.

If you haven’t been, they are having their grand opening this weekend at 200 Quebec St. They are offering a 15% discount for purchases over $20 this weekend.

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Mmmmm…. Tea!

Recently, Dan and I made a deal. I asked that he add black beans to his diet in order to help with his cholesterol. I, in turn, agreed to give up regular soda. Well, I have not been a huge fan of diet sodas, so I have looked for other drink alternatives. Tea has been the biggest thing that I never really liked in the past.

Not long ago, Dan and I were visited by a friend from Amsterdam, and we went to the Art Museum, which was unfortunately about to close. We weren’t ready to go back home, so instead we went to the coffee house across the way. Not being a coffee drinker, I chose to look at their tea menu. They had this one that sounded really great to me called forbidden fruit. It was an herbal tea that had some flavors that I really like. Consisting of Hibiscus blossoms, rose hips, apple bits, elder berries and citrus peel, I decided to give it a try. This has to be one of the best things I have ever come across!

I went up to the counter to buy some to take home, but unfortunately, this is the one flavor that is not sold anywhere but the tea house that makes it. That place is the Pekoe Sip House in Boulder on the corner of Canyon and Broadway! If you are a fan of tea, and find yourself in or near Boulder, you need to check this place out. They even have Boba for those that are fans!

btw: it is pure coincidence that their logo is very close to the colors of my blog. 🙂 But all the better!

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Kinder Bueno and a Thank You!

So I want to start out by thanking Valerie, I have been meaning to for a bit now and just have been bad! She is a friend of Dan’s that lives in Amsterdam, and was here in December to visit family. She stopped by and had dinner with us one night, and brought me a stash of these! Kinder Bueno! She also brought Dan some of his favorite Stroup Waffles! Oh, yes, and it was really great to see her! 🙂

Kinder Bueno is a chocolate bar from Ferrero. It is a hazelnut cream filled waffle with a chocolate covering. I first discovered this delicious treat on my trip to Europe with Lorne in 2004. I bought a bunch to bring back with me as I knew I would have a hard time finding them here… More than a hard time… I have yet to find them.

Well, doing some research on the candy bar this past week, I came across this! kinderwhite.jpgThey now have a version of it in white chocolate! So now the search is on again to try and find a place that might have this new version for me to try! One of my co-workers have given me a few ideas to try. I will have to check them out! If anyone else has heard of them, or tried them, let me know what you think!

Here’s hoping Valerie is making another trip to Colorado soon!

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Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – Sept. 17, 2006

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. It’s a busy month for me only to be followed by my busiest month of the year as I once again get prepared for the Haunted House in October! Which speaking of, I have made the big time again this year, only this time actually at my home park! Check out the Fright By Night then chose the third tab for Brutal Planet on the main page. It was rather funny last year finding myself on the Georgia Six Flags page, and even funnier, as Dan pointed out, the fact that they suddenly had Pine trees in Georgia.

Well, I want to start of with some tid-bits I found around the web that aren’t necessarily blogs, but of worth looking at.

Have you been annoyed by the barrage of Insurance and Credit Card offers? I know I have been! Did you know you can request they stop? I found out today how to do it. It’s very easy, follow this link and fill in the info, and it should be bye-bye credit card offers!

Next is a site dedicated to one of mine, and I am sure many of your favorite foods! It’s chocolate, and this site is all about preserving the cocoa beans natural goodness. There are some fun articles and games to check out.

Dan had a customer of his recommend this spice shop to us for all our spice needs. Savory Spice is located right down the block from Paris on the Platte. I highly recommend them, they have so many different types you won’t know what to do! They just e-mailed me to tell me they have opened their second location on Main Street in Littleton.

OK, on to the Blog-O-Sphere!

Howard has posted a fun article he wrote a few years back about the local art house theaters in Denver

Scott-O-Rama links us to a highly addictive site!

Here is Letterman’s tribute to Bill Gates retirement. Thanks to Life After Coffee for bringing this clip to my attention!

Rob’s Stuff brings us another funny video. A commercial for ice cream from down under.

And finally, for those of you that were fans of the Ellen Show, is hosting a contest to win a DVD set of season 4. All you have to do is submit a story of where you were when the coming out episode aired. For me, that was easy, Howard was throwing me a birthday/friend’s candle/Ellen coming out party, as she came out on my birthday!

The Nectar of the Gods

Co-Author: Howard @ The Web Pen
We are trying our first collaborative, dual-launch blog posting. Fun, huh?

We loves us some Pepsi. We love the flavor, the caramel color, the bubbly sensation, the soothing blue of the label, and the promotions that actually interest us (free iTunes downloads!) — everything about it. In the Navy, Howard’s friends, Peggy and John, dubbed it “Nectar Of The Gods” and he quite agreed. We even drink it despite the botched ad campaigns with included Michael Jackson, Madonna, Spice Girls and Britney Spears.

My father taught me at an early age about product loyalty. As avid Pepsi drinkers, my family always had Pepsi on hand. One day we went to Burger King for lunch and my father ordered a Whopper with Pepsi. When they informed him that they no longer carried Pepsi, he was so upset that he packed us up and went to find a Fountain Of Pepsi elsewhere. I am now an avid drinker of Pepsi Lime, and was rewarded in 2005 for my loyalty by winning an iPod mini from their iTunes contest — I know, I know, I am a beeyatch.

Now comes another reason we drink it. PepsiCo has integrity. Oh, you read that right. In this day and age, a huge corporation whose businesses include Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, actually did the right thing. Three employees of Coca-Cola stole materials and a sample the company later identified as legitimate company secrets. They stole these expertly guarded secrets; and, instead of selling them to some small cola company that might want them to help build their business, they go to Coke’s biggest competitor, Pepsi.

Pepsi turned the initial letter over to the FBI who began a sting of the thieves which led to their arrests. That’s right, Pepsi didn’t even bother with the letters. Aren’t they saints? So now we can call it the “Nectar Of The Honest” because if you read Greek Mythology, those gods ain’t so honest. Or nice. Anyway, that 20 ouncer with a chance to win a Motorola Razr is going to make me feel extra refreshed and proud to be a part of the Pepsi generation. Hey! Get those pyrotechnics for the cross away from my hair!

Burger King Now Supports the Big Mac!


While the King still creeps me out, and has caused nightmares since the first time I saw that awful plastic head, and dead curtain clad King score a touchdown, I have to give props to Burger King’s choice of computer! If you go to the Bonus Material, they have a bunch of downloads. Under the music category, you can download the Garageband file of the theme song from the Wopperettes commercial. The mac must finally be making the mainstream if a burger joint has gone to the trouble of designing a site for us! Thanks to Howard at for bringing this site to my attention.