The End of an Error!

I have had this little ticker in my side bar for what seems an eternity now:

When I put it up, it was in the somewhere in the 600s. I felt like this day would never come, but I can officially retire it from my sidebar! All I can say is wow! Obama’s speech was inspiring, and well put! I do hope that he can get the support behind him from this country needed for him to make the actual changes he proposes!

I wish you luck President Obama as you start, what will probably be, the most difficult challenge you will ever face! I feel that you have the drive to do what you promise, please don’t let the nay-sayers drag you down and make you lose focus. This country needs you more now than ever to set a course for recovery to correct the bumblings of the last 8 years.

I look forward to the ideas that you have for us, and hope that your 8 years in office can turn this country around!



My Arch Nemesis Is A Bush! No, Not That Bush This Time!

This past weekend, I got the idea to finally work on removing one of the bushes in my front yard that is kind of an eyesore, especially since I got rid of the fence in the front yard!

So this weekend, I mowed the lawn, and trimmed the bush down to the stump… I started digging, only to find this thing to be way bigger, than I had thought it would be! Who knows how old the bush was, but I do know it has had many years to make itself a permanent fixture!

Needless to say, while the front yard looks better without the bush, there is still the horrible stump that is a new eyesore.

Anyone out there with suggestions for removing it would be very welcome! I am going to have to break down and go to Home Depot and see what their thoughts are!

I Have Cooled Off and Warmed Up!

The furnace was repaired bright and early this morning around 2am. The ignitor had a crack in it, so it wasn’t starting the furnace.

The installer was on time to finish the kitchen floors, and while it was an infuriating week, the end result has proven to be well worth it, even if it makes the rest of the kitchen look completely out of place now! Needles to say, I now feel like the rest of the kitchen needs an upgrade!

The countertop will hopefully be next!

Here are a few before and after shots for your enjoyment! I am so happy with our new floor! Mind you, by the time we tore out the old floor, there were at least 2 dozen of those tiles missing and just the subfloor was left.


A little more of the detail in the tile:

An extreme close-up of the glass tiles:

Certainly has come a long way from this!!!:

Is It Friggin’ Cold In Here? Not After Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a very important day in the life of this old house! We will be upgrading its heating as well as adding central air to the home! I received a special offer in the mail from Coffman to get a brand new furnace at a remarkable discount.

They apparently buy excess inventory from York at the end of each year and gamble that people like me will be willing to install a new furnace right in the middle of winter. We will be getting a brand new 2-stage furnace with a heat pump to increase our efficiency as well as actually generate heat in this house!

Our current furnace is 20 years old, and cranks out minimal heat at about 65% efficiency… The new one will be at least 80% efficient and hopefully do away with the need for space heaters!

When I decided to look into this, I had no idea it would happen so soon! They will be here first thing tomorrow to tear out the old one, and bring in the new one! I am so excited! It is going to cost a little more than I had budgeted, but my budget was not looking to be able to afford A/C till this offer came along!

If you are looking to get a new furnace and or A/C, I would definitely look into this special and see if it is right for you! Let them know I recommended you, and I can get a referral bonus!

More exciting updates to the house coming next week! We are getting a real kitchen floor finally!

The New and Improved Back Room!

Our friend has once again helped us out with painting… This time we have revamped Dan’s game room in the back of the house. It actually feels like a real room now! I also removed the window in our kitchen that looked out on to the back room… Opens things up soooo much!

Thanks so much for your hard work Doug!

Here are some before and after pics!




Well, after 18 months living in our new home, we finally have a dishwasher and a disposal! No more stinky disposal because I couldn’t turn it on, and no more doing the dishes by hand! Since selling the condo back in April, I have finally been able to start getting some of the important stuff done around the house! I got a home improvement loan a few months back, and have been trying to get an electrician out to the house.

I finally tracked someone who had time to come take a look at the place and he has made me feel more at ease. I was led to believe that the house was going to require a service change to get me back on my feet. But the guy that I have doing the work, is only doing what needs to be done to get the house back up to snuff. He let me know that if I could avoid doing it without a service upgrade I would be better off in the long run. A service change apparently involves higher taxes and getting permits and stuff.

While the electrical is not pretty, he has managed to work with what is there to get the appliances set up so they are not on a GFI outlet. Appliances and computers will trip a GFI, and our house was set up with everything on one. As an added bonus, I was able to get rid of all the extension cords in the kitchen that came from other rooms to run the fridge, microwave, etc.!

The good news is that this should definitely come in well under $1000. I had planned on it being more in the realm of $3-4k. So with all that extra money in pocket, I can try and get other things done like new windows and a new front door to try and keep in some of the heat this winter!

Next up is getting the plumbing fixed so that the washer machine can drain correctly. Then a new furnace for this next winter! Getting all these problems fixed, I now have so many extension cords that I just don’t know what to do with! 🙂

The Hive Collective Has Been Destroyed!

Thanks to Pointe Pest Control, the Hive of Yellowjackets living under our front door step are a annihilated! It was scary watching the swarm around him as he used everything in his arsenal to kill off the nest. He estimated there to be 100+ yellowjackets in there.

Being allergic to them myself, I was not about to attempt this task myself. He just managed to get right in there and attack them at their source. He also sprayed around the rest of our house to make sure that no more pests make their way into the house.

Boy was it nice to walk to my truck this morning without doing the odd dance to avoid the wasps flying around me!

Cooler Days Ahead for Us!

ac.jpgWell, now that I finally have the money to start fixing up the house, I started by buying us a portable AC unit for the house! I didn’t want too powerful a unit as I was afraid that even the 7000 btu unit I bought would be too much for our circuits… but amazingly, almost 24 hours later it is still going and hasn’t knocked out our power yet! If only I had been able to buy it a month ago!

Needless to say, it was probably the most comfortable night’s sleep we’ve had in months at the house! Other than waking this morning to the sun shining right in my eyes an hour before I was supposed to get up… We had to re-arrange the bedroom to accomodate it. I guess it is time to put up a curtain or something on that window! It did an ok job in the living room yesterday as long as you were close to it.

Dan and I enjoyed the comfort while he read, and I listened to the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I had also bought a shredder to get rid of old bills and invoices from many years of collecting… Something very calming about shredding… Felt like I had my own little Enron going on yesterday! Although the first one crapped out, so I had to return it and get a little bit nicer one!

The Exterminator Cometh

nowasp.jpgThe problem has gotten out of hand… I have had those traps in our trees, one infront, and one in back. They really do work great at capturing those pesky little yellow buggers. I mean in a week and a half they are both almost full. However, it has become quite apparant that they are far more out of control than I had thought.

There is a little crack in the front porch that they have made home. I fear that given the size of the crack, that the nest is really in the walls of the house. I have had to take much more drastic measures and call in the exterminators. So as a result, I will be having them come in and do some bi-monthly maintenance of our house. If I could actually see the nest I would try and take care of it myself, but I want to make sure they are all gone!

The Next Big Step!

Today, I took a big step. I applied for a home equity line of credit. Now that the condo is behind me, I can finally move on. And the next step is to get some of the renovations done to this house that are dire!

First on the agenda is the electrical. This house is pretty much in need of a complete rewire and breaker box. I have an extension cord running from the garage room to my office just to keep my computer going since that is the only outlet that can support the needs of the computer, everything else it trips the breaker. We need to get the electrical done in the kitchen so we can make use of the brand new dishwasher and disposal that have not been able to be turned on. And we need to get it set up so that we can handle an air conditioner or something in this house! The heat is killing us!

Then we need to replace some of the plumbing, and maybe add a second bath if it fits in the budget! Also up is a lot of work in the kitchen, like a new floor since we currently just have a sub floor there! Also, before winter hits again, is a new furnace and I’d like to see central air added with it, or at least a swamp cooler!

Jeff, We will definitely have to talk! I think we will be in need of your services! It’s kind of exciting, but scary at the same time, who knows what problems we’ll unearth in this 60 year old house!