Amazing iPhone Band

I know I have been bad about blogging… I don’t know if there is anyone out there still reading my blog, but here is a fun little video I found.

As if the iPhone couldn’t do enough already, here is a cover of MGMT’s Kids. All the instruments are different apps available for the iPhone. Amazingly, it sounds pretty cool. Give it a listen!


Happy Halloween!

Lucille in Her costume, right before she figured out how to take it off!

Lucille in Her costume, right before she figured out how to take it off!

Wow this month has flown! It seems like I just started working the Haunted House yesterday, and it is over tomorrow night! It has been a lot of fun being in the house this year as opposed to being in charge of tickets! I have gotten some great scares out of everyone coming through!

Hopefully I will see a few more of you this weekend at Brutal Planet! To all of you I wish you a very Happy Halloween! Enjoy the evening, and I hope you make it to some great parties! I will be scaring the pants off of everyone again tonight!

I leave you with Amy Lee’s version of Sally’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas found on Nightmare Revisited, a great collection of the soundtrack revisited by a wide range of artists!

The Perfect Storm… Chaser

Erasure’s new EP Storm Chaser, was released in the US yesterday. It contains a variety of remixes from the Light at the End of the World CD released earlier this year. This album has had some of the best remixes to come Erasure’s way in a long time. In the past too many of their remixes, the song has gotten lost, and it really is no longer an Erasure song.

With this EP, we are given remixes of some songs that at first weren’t necessarily stand outs on the album, but the songs shine with the remix treatment. While Sunday Girl was my favorite track on the album at first, Storm in a Tea Cup has really become my stand out must listen on the album. The Koishi & Hush Club Mix really makes this little gem stand out even more! Keeping the original feel of the song, this hyped up techno mix will feel at home in any dance club.

For those of you that didn’t necessarily warm up to the album, I highly suggest that you give this remix EP a chance. If nothing else, you get a wonderfully funky duet with Andy Bell and Cyndi Lauper, who could ask for anything more! I think once you give Storm Chaser a listen you will agree that these are quite possibly the best remixes ever for Erasure! It even includes a fan submitted remix of When a Lover Leaves You. I only wish my remix skills had been good enough to try out for the competition!

To get you in the mood, I give you the Koishi & Hush Club Mix for your listening pleasure!


Crowded House In Concert – Aug 22, 2007

Thanks to Jeff C., I had the opportunity to go see Crowded House in concert last night at the Fillmore Auditorium!

I have been a fan of their music since the early 90s when I discovered them on KBCO. I could not get enough of their album Woodface. Still to me some of their best music! “Fall at Your Feet,” “Weather With You” and “Four Seasons in One Day” are still in my top played songs today!

The concert proved that they still got what it takes. Neil Finn’s son, Liam, opened the concert with a set of his own music. He is a one man act on his own. Making use of a guitar loop machine, he took me by surprise when he stopped playing the guitar to move to the drums, and the guitar kept going. Jeff explained to me after the set how he did that. I was a bit confused thinking he hadn’t been playing the guitar. He has a lot of energy, and it was amazing how much his voice sounded like Neil’s!

After his set, Fountains of Wayne came on. Lorne was quite excited by this as this was their first time in Denver. I am not completely familiar with their music, but know a little of it. They were very entertaining, although their one guitarist seemed a little out of it last night, seemed almost bored. They did talk about being very excited to be opening for Crowded House. Back in the early days, they through demo tapes on stage at a Crowded House concert. So this meant a lot to them.

Then came the big show! Neil was in great form, as was the rest of the band. His son joined them on stage to help out with guitar and piano. Neil’s enjoyment for performing is very evident. He has a lot of energy, and just feels like he is at home on the stage. They just give an amazing live performance! They sang all their classics, didn’t miss even one of my favorites!

They came back for three encores, and would have continued on, but the venue had other ideas. So they had to end, but I get the feeling Neil would have gone on all night if they had been allowed to. Jeff told me that he has a bootleg concert where they just get to a point where they started playing cover songs, and didn’t want to end the cocnert. They really feed from the energy of the crowd and Denver did not dissapoint them. There was a lot of audience participation, and you could just tell that the band really appreciated their fans!

I will never forget the experience. It was an amazing concert for, what Dan called, an old man’s concert… He figured we’d be done by like 9:30 or 10pm, and was shocked when I called at 11:15 to tell him that we had just gotten out. If they ever come your way, I highly recommend seeing them in concert!

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Sunday Girl – US Release

outnow.jpgWow, I have been busy this week! I totally missed the release of Sunday Girl in the US this past Tuesday, July 17th! For those in the states that didn’t want to spend the money on this single as an import… It’s now available for a much more reasonable price! Of course you don’t get the pretty Picture Disc! But you can buy it in iTunes Plus format for $4.49. This to me is by far one of the best singles to come along from Erasure since Always in 1994. Also included is “Take Me On a Highway.” This is one of the best b-sides I have heard from them! For your enjoyment, I have included the song below for your listening pleasure.

Their next single has been announced as well. For those of you with a Mac with Garageband, and the desire to remix, you have until July 27th! They are having a competition, and the winning mix will be featured on the upcoming single for “When A Lover Leaves You.”


True Colors – Red Rocks – June 10, 2007


redrocks.jpgYesterday was the concert event I had been waiting for since January. Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors tour. For the Denver stop, they had The Cliks, The Dresden Dolls, Deborah Harry, Erasure and of course Cyndi with Margaret Cho hosting. I had not been to a Red Rocks concert since I saw Sting on the Soul Cages Tour in like 1991. It is such an amazing experience there! All the acts mentioned how humbled and in awe they were to be performing on the legendary stage that is truly the most beautiful place to experience a concert event in the world!

The show started immediately at 6pm on the dot, (the only concert I have been to that was that punctual!). And as is tradition with Red Rocks, 6pm also meant the start of rain… Although, thankfully, it was a sprinkle that lasted about 10 minutes, unlike the drenching rain that fell during Sting! But, it just isn’t a concert at Red Rocks if a little rain doesn’t fall!

margaretcho.jpgMargaret Cho was fantastic as the host. Her crass humor just added to the whole evening. She started off the night by saying that we were all here in celebration of Falwell’s death (to resounding cheers!). Her crassness definitely weeded a few people out. I know there was a couple in front of us that got offended by her and, I heard the wife say, that’s enough, and grabbed her husband and left… Oh well, they obviously didn’t know who Margaret Cho was in advance or they would have known to expect that. The one thing she kept stressing is that you straight guys out there need to clean down there! She said she would suck it if it’s clean! 😉

dresdendolls.jpgI was not all that excited about the first two acts as they weren’t really my kind of music (more suited for Dan, even if he doesn’t like the Dresden Dolls). I will say that the Cliks did a great cover of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River. The Dresden Dolls give a great performance, and are quite funny, even if I didn’t care for their music that much.

deborahharry.jpgUnfortunately I was let down by Deborah Harry. She didn’t sing any of her Blondie day’s songs, it was all her solo material, and I was sadly bored. I had high hopes after seeing Blondie live in England back in 2002. I just didn’t find her solo material all that inspiring. It was still great to see her getting out there and supporting the cause! Although someone should of told her that the silver sequined mini tube skirt made her butt look like a mirrored ball, but hey, maybe that’s what she was going for.

vince.jpgandy.jpgThen Erasure came out. The entire audience was on their feet for the performance! It was great seeing that large an audience give them such a great reception! They started off with Sunday Girl, then played a few classics, and some more new tracks. The set felt very short, and seemed over in no time.. but still an amazing performance from the Duo! Vince was hilarious in his camo jumpsuit and white wig. His wig reminded me of Carol Channing, and his overall look was very Pet Shop Boy-esque. That was a bit strange to me, but fun none-the-less! They definitely still have a huge following here in the states even if most people won’t admit it. 😉

cyndi.jpgFinally Cyndi… What can I say… I have never been to a performance of hers, but I have a whole new respect for her… She is such an honest caring person! She gave a very heartfelt speech at the beginning of her set about the need for society to learn how to co-exist. Her experiences with Matthew Shepherd’s mother made her realize that we can’t get past the hate if we ourselves turn to hate over those that start the hate. I could tell that, myself included, much of the audience was in tears over her speech. She emphasized how one person can make a difference, and asked that everyone make sure to write their senators about the pending vote on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime bill.

Her performance was amazing… Such emotion in her singing, and interaction with the audience. She went down into the audience many times to shake hands and be close to her peeps! She has got to be one of the most real people in the entertainment business, what you see is what you get with her! After the show, she came down to be with the people left, and would have stayed longer, but the Red Rocks staff wanted the people to leave so they made her go back stage, but you could tell that was not her desire.

For the end of the show, all the performers came back out on stage and did a great performance of “Take a Chance on Me” from ABBA, and then finished of the show with her song that inspired it all “True Colors.” They brought out a children’s choir with kids from CO Springs to perform with her. How great it was to see Andy and Cyndi performing together! For all those who get to go to the future performances on the rest of the tour, you are in for one amazing show!

I will get the rest of my pictures from the concert uploaded as soon as possible!

I was able to get two songs recorded with my digital camera… I apologize the quality is poor, but it wasn’t meant for recording video!

Erasure: Sunday Girl
[qt:/wp-content/video/SundayGirl.MP4 /wp-content/video/ErasureCover.jpg 320 256]

Cyndi Lauper: I Drove All Night

[qt:/wp-content/video/DroveAllnight.MP4 /wp-content/video/CyndiCover.jpg 320 256]

Sunday Girl Live!

In preparation for the True Colors concert this Sunday at Red Rocks, I bring you this wonderful acoustic rendition of my favorite song off the new album!

Also announced is a True Colors CD with songs from many of the artists performing on the Tour that starts today in Las Vegas. It includes a special duet with Erasure and Cyndi Lauper!!! It is available for pre-order right now at Tommy Boy Records, and to be available online later.

The full track listing is:

Full tracklisting:
Cyndi Lauper – True Colors (Morel Mix)
Erasure – Early Bird (DJ Manolo’s True Colors Mix)
Debbie Harry – What Is Love
The Dresden Dolls – Shores of California
The Gossip – (Take Back) The Revolution
Indigo Girls – Rock & Roll Heaven’s Gate
The Cliks – Oh Yeah
Rufus Wainwright – Gay Messiah
Jeffree Star – Plastic Surgery Slumber Party
Cazwell – Watch My Mouth

Erasure: Sunday Girl

sundaygirl.jpgI am very excited to make you all aware of Erasure’s next single “Sunday Girl!” In my opinion, this is quite possibly the best song to come from the duo since their heyday in the 80s. It’s infectious, bubbly and happy! Everything that defines an Erasure Song. Being released on July 17th here in the states, you can listen to the full radio mix at their official myspace page.

I know that many people haven’t enjoyed the new Erasure album as much as past albums, and overall I think that this is not their strongest album, but “Light at the End of the World” is a return to the fast paced, make you wanna get up and dance album! Other stand out tracks on the new album include: “Storm in a Teacup,” “When a Lover Leaves You,” and “Golden Heart.”

Even more exciting is that, with the release of iTunes Plus, much of Erasure’s catalog is now available in the new DRM-Free version at the higher bitrate. Their new album is just one of those available.

Apple/EMI Get Rid of DRM – My Take

As I am sure many of you have heard by now, Apple and Record Label EMI announced the availability of DRM Free music coming to iTunes next month. Many have speculated that if this were to happen it could really eat into the sale of the iPod. I have a bit of a different view on this.

First off, Apple gets a portion of the sales from iTunes. iTunes sales have surpassed everyone’s expectations to a point, where I am sure that Apple is acutally making a profit off of a service that was originally not expected to do so. They had originally planned on it just breaking even. Also, at this point, there are like close to 100 million iPods out there now.

I know many people who have iPods that have refused to by tracks from iTunes for two reasons: 1) The files aren’t high enough quality for them, and 2) They don’t like the DRM that restricts where they can use the file. These people will finally have their two gripes met. Secondly, there are many who won’t buy an iPod because they don’t like the closed aspect of the iTunes locking you to the iPod making it a monopoly. Should the rest of the record labels realize this is going to work, and follow suite, I think we’ll see these hold outs finally be willing to buy an iPod.

I have talked to many people who have bought other mp3 players and have been very dissapointed. The iPod didn’t become what it is just because of a fad. While that may play some part in it, it has more to do with the fact that Apple has always been good and knowing what consumers want. They have made one of the easiest to use devices on the market and have continued to improve the offering while continuing to keep the simplicity of use there. So often other players forget that they need to have that ease of use to create loyalty. Until they learn that lesson, Apple will always hold the lead on this market.