OMG! This Is Just Too Cool!

After the success of Lego Star Wars, I am not at all surprised! But one of my all time favorite movie series is set to come out in Lego Indiana Jones… Due out sometime summer 2008!


Aqua De Troit

aquadetroit.jpgPepsi, today, announced what we have long suspected. They announced that Aquafina water comes from the same tap as the water in your home. New bottles of Aquafina will be labeled as P.W.S. (Public Water Source) after much criticism over making it seem like the water comes from mountain springs.

I have been in many discussions with people over paying the high price for something we can get for free out of taps everywhere. One friend of mine said she could tell the difference between bottled waters almost as if choosing a fine wine. While it probably goes through some kind of purification before being bottled, you can accomplish the same thing with a water filter. Why do people continue to pay upwards of $3.00 a bottle for this stuff? As with the Tootsie Pop, The world may never know!

Bush to Try Cutting NPR and PBS, AGAIN!

My friend, Edward just e-mailed me about this:

President Bush just proposed drastic cuts to NPR and PBS. We’ve stopped similar cuts in the past, but enough is enough: With the new Congress, we can make
sure this never happens again.

We need Congress to save NPR and PBS once and for all.

Can you help out by signing this petition to Congress? It’s really easy—just click the link below:

Help Save PBS & NPR Now!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – July 21, 2007

Yeay!!! We have finally gotten a release date!

LONDON – ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the last of seven installments of the boy wizard’s adventures, will be published July 21, author J.K. Rowling said Thursday.

Rowling announced the publication date on her Web site.

Bloomsbury, her British publisher, said it would publish a children’s hardback edition, an adult hardback, a special gift edition and an audio book on the same day.

Scholastic Children’s Books, the U.S. publisher, said it would offer a hardback edition at a suggested retail price of $34.99, a deluxe edition at $65.00 and a reinforced library edition at $39.99.

Bloomsbury noted that this year is the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first “Harry Potter” book in the phenomenally successful series.

The “Potter” books have sold 325 million copies worldwide and been translated into 64 languages, Bloomsbury said.

The last book, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” sold 2,009,574 copies in Britain on the first day of its release, Bloomsbury said.

The Potter franchise is so important to the company’s earnings that it announced the publication to the London Stock Exchange.

Bloomsbury shares were up 2.2 percent to $4.40 after the announcement.

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Yes, the first stills of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are making their way online! This is the first one to be released. A few more are supposed to be on their way soon! For more info, see this link! It also mentions that a teaser trailer is on it’s way in the next month!

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Yes, the first stills of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are making their way online! This is the first one to be released. A few more are supposed to be on their way soon! For more info, see this link! It also mentions that a teaser trailer is on it’s way in the next month!

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Harsh Words for Amazon from FORTUNE

So last week both Amazon and Apple unveiled their movie download services. Apple’s iTunes Store has started with Disney Studios, Pixar, Miramax and Touchstone, which in it’s first week 125,000 movies were purchased at prices ranging from $9.99 – $14.99. That translated to a million dollars in revenue for Disney and it’s 3 other studios. Amazon, on the other hand, launched their Unbox service.

Here is what Fortune had to say about the two:

“’s Unbox is a horror show. The Unbox service appears not so much to have been introduced as to have escaped from the laboratory.

Of all the smart and talented people at Amazon, did no one dare say, “Wait, our new service bites! It’s slower than a trip to Blockbuster, more expensive than a DVD, absurdly restrictive on how the consumer uses the movie, delivers lower resolution than a DVD, and requires running a cable from the PC to the TV if you want to watch the movie on something larger than a PC monitor”?”

And for Apple:

“Apple’s iTunes media store, meanwhile, is the feel-good movie download service of the summer, and builds on the same style and ease of use that has made iTunes the world’s leading legal download service for music and television shows. But my local cineplex or cable TV service offers more movie choices than iTunes (which I’ll review in detail on Thursday) does at this point, and the missing link – getting the movie from the PC to the TV – is still missing. I think I’ll wait for the sequel.”

While not completely praising iTunes, it’s major beef was the lack of movies from the different studios. Given Disney’s success this past week with their movies, I don’t expect the other studios to hold out for long! Mind you Amazon’s only hold out right now is Disney, and from the article I can see why!

All of this helps to reassure me that my new arrival today is going to be supported for a long time to come! qVid has a new place in my heart as my new Black 80 gig 5g video iPod! I will admit that all the new features are fantastic, but the two biggest reasons for the upgrade were the larger hard drive and the lockout feature that allows me to keep my sensitive information private, since I do keep a lot of important info on there for my business! Although, I must say, the new games are SWEET!

Computer Envy

Apple today announced their new iMac lineup. You can now get one for as little as $999 for the 17” all the way up to the brand spanking new 24” model starting at $1999. I am seriously considering that it might be time to sell the g5 Power Mac for one of these babies! Spec’d out the way the way I would want it however will set me back $2750. A little more than I can spend right now. 😦 Damn, I wish my condo would just sell!

Also of note the Mac Mini saw a speed bump as well.

Now here’s looking forward to the Announcement of the iTunes Movie Store next Tuesday and see what goodness happens to the iPods!

Pluto is Dwarfed

Who knew when I erased Pluto from the walls of my office, that I was erasing it as a planet from our solar system! A leading Astronomer from the Czech Republic held a press release today to announce that Pluto is no longer considered one of the planets of our solar system. It has been re-classified as a Dwarf Planet.

I guess we can throw out all those old text books now. Can we get along now as an 8 planet solar system? What will become of the other supposed new planet discoveries? Will they fall in the dwarf category? Or will they help make up for the loss of Pluto?

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A Hunk A Hunk O’ Shredded Bear

At the Wookey Hole Caves Teddy Bear Museum in Somerset, England, Barney the Guard dog had a night of vicious and malicious attacks. While on duty guarding the museum, Barney mauled the bears tearing them from limb to limb. Of the victims was the most prized possession, Elvis Presley’s Mabel valued at close to a $75,000. In the end he destroyed more than 100 of the collection’s million dollar collection of bears.

Daniel Medley, general manager of the Wookey Hole tourist attraction, said: “It’s a disaster. The scene is just a horrific mess, with bits of teddy bear everywhere. Some of the bears in the exhibition are behind glass, but some are not and a new cabinet was being built for Mabel.”

The irony of this whole situation? The Museum’s insurance company required the guard dog to insure the bears.