The End of an Error!

I have had this little ticker in my side bar for what seems an eternity now:

When I put it up, it was in the somewhere in the 600s. I felt like this day would never come, but I can officially retire it from my sidebar! All I can say is wow! Obama’s speech was inspiring, and well put! I do hope that he can get the support behind him from this country needed for him to make the actual changes he proposes!

I wish you luck President Obama as you start, what will probably be, the most difficult challenge you will ever face! I feel that you have the drive to do what you promise, please don’t let the nay-sayers drag you down and make you lose focus. This country needs you more now than ever to set a course for recovery to correct the bumblings of the last 8 years.

I look forward to the ideas that you have for us, and hope that your 8 years in office can turn this country around!



True Dat Keith

Thanks to Howard, for pointing me to this video of Keith Olbermann. He speaks passionately about his disgust at California’s passing of Prop 8 to add Hate to the California constitution.

While Dan and I are content to remain unmarried, it really is sad that in this day and age, we are still denied this right! Keith speaks great volumes of reason, and I urge you to share his sentiment with as many people as you can.

Now that I have seen a minority elected into the highest office of this country, I would like to hope that I will see gay rights finally be realized in my lifetime! I still can’t put into words how amazed and happy I am at last Tuesday night’s election results for President! Now if we can get the country to stop taking steps backwards on other social issues!

Paris is Burning!

Yup, Paris is burning, and I think McCain might need some ointment at this point. I never thought I would be able to respect Ms. Hilton, but she has proved me wrong with her response to McCain using her in his latest commercial! I am sure she didn’t write it, but still this is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!

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Apparently, It’s All In Our Heads!

It’s Psychological… That’s what McCain is currently saying our problem is here in the states… He feels that all of the economic problems are just in our head. Please visit to find out more info or to make a donation to help air this commercial.