New Look For Support of Howard

I have sported a new look in support of my friend Howard, who last month, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Thankfully, he had a very localized case that was in his appendix. His PET and Bone Marrow Biopsy both came back clean, but he still had to go in for Chemotherapy, and to help support him as he goes through this, I have decided to shave my head (what little I had left anyway).

If you feel like helping, please support the Luekemia & Lymphoma Society by making a donation.

My friend, Dusty, has helped me out with a little early birthday present to reflect my new look.


Return Of A Familiar Friend!

The gentleman who designed my former theme has finally released the final version. It is now compatible with WordPress 2.3 so I am finally returning to my favorite theme of all time!

Woot! Please let me know if you see anything that doesn’t seem to be working right.

A Facelift Again

Well, my current theme is not fairing well with the upgrade to 2.3, so my blog will be looking different as I search for another theme that suits my needs as well as this current one has. Unfortunately, the guy who designed it seems to have decided to not put anymore work into getting it finished and stable, so it has to go.

Please give me any feedback as things change if you see stuff you like or don’t like.

Moving Hosts… Prepare for Upheaval

Well, following Howard’s cue… I have decided to suck it up and move my site before my contact is up with bizland… Thanks for all the feedback on hosting sites. I have decided to go with AN Hosting, they seemed to offer the most for the money, and seeing how Howard’s blog flies now, I want the same.

So, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes over the next few days for everyone. But, in the end, I am hoping for a more efficient blog that you will want to keep coming back. I was hoping to wait, but it seems to be getting worse.

Web Hosting Advice From My Readers…

As I have posted recently, Howard and I are having issues with slow sites from our current hosting company bizland. Bizland is telling us that the slowdown is on our end, but Howard and I just aren’t believing it. Load times for both our admin page and our blogs are inconsistent throughout the day.

Well, at this point we have had enough… We are both looking to abandon ship and move to a new hosting company. Some of the things we have seen that might be causing us problems are the fact that they are not using the most current versions of php and mysql. All of our problems seem to be database driven, as when you visit any of our pages that do not rely on the mysql database, they are just fine.

Three of the front runners for us to look at are three that WordPress themselves are recommending. Bluehost, ANHosting and HostICan. Price wise and storagewise, they are all pretty comparable. So it comes down to which one people prefere. And that’s where you all come in. If you can please respond with who you are using, and their reputation, we would appreciate it.

Thanks for all your help!

Blog Frustrations

Lately, both Howard, and myself have noticed a severe drop in the performance of our blogs. We are trying to determine where the problem lies. It seems to us to be a database issue on our host site. Bizland is telling us this is not the case, that the site is just as speedy as ever for them.

I would like to hear what your experiences are when visiting our blogs. Does it seem like it is taking forever for it to load for you? Can you comment with information like where you are visiting from, and what type of connection you are using, and who it’s through if possible. And if you are willing to share it, your IP address as well?

It has become a real problem for the two of us, as posting is taking a long time for us, and making it difficult to get new stuff up.

Thanks for you help in advance!

Welcome Visitors From Scott-O-Rama!

I want to thank Scott-O-Rama for featuring me on his blog of the week today. I also want to take this opportunity to welcome those of you visiting from his site!

I’d like to give credit to a few people out there that have made this all possible.

Howard @ The Web Pen: He has been a big help in figuring out the html coding that goes into a self hosted blog. I have learned quite a bit, thanks to his help.

Julien De Luca: For his beautiful Freshy 2 theme I am using on my site. It is still in beta so there are a few hiccups still, but hopefully the final version will be out soon to addres those.

Dusty: For the beautiful header he has created for my blog. It really helped take this site to that next level!

I hope you enjoy your time here and find things of interest and hope that you will return. Everything pertaining to my blog and I can be found in the left sidebar, and please be sure to check out some of the great blogs I visit daily in my right sidebar! I’d love to know where all of you are visitng from on my guest map!

Thank You Dusty!

As you can see, my blog has gotten a bit of a face lift again. With the tweaks to the theme, my friend, Dusty, felt that I needed a new header and volunteered to create something for me. As you can see, he is very talented with cartoon images! He definitely took some liberties and made me way hotter than I think I really am. But, damn, is the header ever cool!

I really think he should start up a business doing this, he is so talented! He could make so much money doing it for a living! And he has some fantastic illustrations on his site. Some are on the NSFW side, but they are great!

Thanks again Dusty for the early birthday present! 🙂 Which, btw, is less than a week away now! 🙂