Matt2’s Bachelor Party in Orlando

Last week my friend Matt2 had his bachelor party down in Florida. A fun time was had by all… Here is a video montage tribute to the fun we had in the rain and sun. It is a large file, so it might take a while to play, and requires quicktime.

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Labor Day – Trip to Mt. Evans

Well, what a nice relaxing weekend. Friday night, I did nothing… Saturday, I mostly did nothing, then went to the “When Animals Improv II” show staring Monkey’s Uncle and Rodents of Unusual Size. A lot of fun, especially the Mouse Trap game where they littered the stage with mouse traps and had the players act out the seen blindfolded walking across them barefoot.

teabig0802.jpgSunday… Did a little yard work… TOO HOT… came inside, then went out for Boba Tea (at the Lollicup just up the street from us at Nome & Montview for those looking for great Boba Tea!) If you haven’t experienced this treat, then, I highly recommend you do! It comes in various tea flavors or more exoctic fruit flavors. Our friend’s Leslie and Matt introduced me to it. And have had it a few times since… Wonderful stuff, especially the Snow variety! I have had such great flavors as Pumpkic Spice, Rose Flower and Banana. Basically it’s a tea drink that has the bobas in the drink… They are pearls of tapioca about the size of a small marble that you drink through a large straw. The bobas are like the consistency of a gummy bear.

yellowbelliedmarmot.jpgFor Labor Day, Lorne and I went on a little road trip up to Mt. Evans. We drove to Echo lake and walked around there for a bit, then moved on to the drive to the 14,103 ft. top. A little nerve racking for someone like me who has that fear of heights thing! But I made it up and back down! Along the way we encountered some of the wildlife, up close and personal! This little Yellow Bellied Marmot came right up to the car thinking we were going to feed it when we slowed down to avoid hitting it. The same held true for the Mt. Goats. They walked right down the middle of the road going car to car hoping for some food. Once we got to the top, the view was amazing! I have posted our pictures here for your viewing pleasure!

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Boston/NY Aug 2007 – The Video

I present to you my first project in iMovie ’08. Much easier to use than the old iMovie once I figured out how it works. I just wish they hadn’t dropped some of the features like being able to fade music in and out. If you are using a modern browser, like Safari 2.0 or Firefox 2, here is a link to a higher res version of the video.


Back Safe and Sound

We made it back from New York about 4pm on Monday. I am sorry I didn’t get another update, but once we got to NY, I didn’t really have the time to post anything. I have pictures from our trip posted here. I crashed hard when we got home yesterday about 5pm, and was basically out of it until this morning when I had to get ready for work.

We met up with our friends Edward and Thom in Central Square. They took us to a fantastic little restaurant around there. The menu was quite varied, and I had a wonderful Spinach Fettuchinie with grilled chicken. After dinner we took a taxi over to the Broadway district. We were going to go and eat at Junior’s for dessert, but the line was too long, so we walked around some more. Soo many people and a city larger than life! You see all the pictures on TV, but until you see it in person, it’s hard to believe that it really looks like that!

After mastering the subway system that night, we went back to Kellen’s for bedtime… Got up the next morning and went back to Manhattan to see the Guggenheim, such an amazing Art Gallery! After spending a few hours there, Dan and I headed down 5th Avenue. We walked to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the cube entrance to the store is! More amazing was the constant stream going in and out of the store! They couldn’t have asked for a better location!

We then went into FAO Schwartz and found a gift for this weekend’s Baby Shower for D and Jolene. It was very difficult to find restaurants in this area, so we finally had some street vendor food. It was actually pretty decent. We then continued our walk towards the Empire State Building. We accidentally came across Rockefeller Plaza so we of course had to stop and look around. We finally made it to the Empire State Building, were I was surprised by finding a Chipotle there! Boy, they have come a long was since opening their first location on Evans across from DU! I started eating there almost back at the begninning in 95 when I transfered to the DU Kinko’s. Still my favorite fast food restaurant to this day!

We made it back to Kellen’s in Brooklyn, were she took us to one of her favorite restaurants there. It was a little Authentic Italian restaurant that was started by a family that moved over from Italy. What can I say… nothing can beat an original!

Thanks to Kellen and Gina for allowing us to stay at their places! It was great to get to do all we did! And Dan and I discovered that we can even handle being around each other for that long without too many problems! 🙂 It was great to get to see Missy, Edward and Thom as well!

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The Red Coats are Coming

Yesterday we met up with Dan’s Aunt Pam that he hadn’t seen in like 24 years. She is a very nice lady and took us on the freedom trail where we got to experience many of the places of significance from Paul Revere’s famed ride. So much history in such a small amount of space!

Then we went to Kowloon’s for dinner. For those of you who have experienced Casa Bonita, this was like the Polynesian equivalent! The exception being that the food was really good… Especially my garlic lobster! Across the street was a very out of place sign for a steak house. If was shaped like a gigantic suguaro cactus. I have posted a picture in my gallery. We then went to J.P. Lick’s where we experienced the most fantastic cake batter ice cream!

This mornig we woke up and had the Massachusetts state doughnut at Duncan Donuts. Who’d of guessed they were the Starbucks of the east coast. We then went to the Boston Aquarium were Dan got to see his sharks.

We are now on the road to NY! More to come!

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Mmm… Seafood!

After a slight delay in Kansas City, we finally landed in Boston tonight at around 7:30 pm. We went to Union Oyster House. It is America’s oldest continuously operated restaurant. Their clam chowder was amazing! Definitly a must for any seafood lover. I had a hard time deciding as I really wanted lobster… But I decided on another favorite of mine… Grilled swordfish. Everyone’s meal was amazing!

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Busy, Busy, Busy…

Boy has this been a busy week. Today has officially all been overtime for me here at work. Hasn’t left me a lot of time for bloggin.

Dan and I are anticipating our vacation next week. We are headed to visit friends and relatives in Boston and NY. Looks like we will be spending some time at the beach… And probably a visit to the Boston Aquarium so Dan can see his sharks. 🙂

I am really looking forward to the Guggenheim in NY. Not sure what else is on our agenda, we are going to be playing it by ear. We want it to be relaxing, and not stressed from too much activity.

With my ability to now post from my iPhone, I plan on posting nightly about our adventures in the big cities!

A big thanks to Howard for housesitting and taking care of my putty tats!

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Weekend Getaway!

ootp.jpgWe started the Saturday morning off by finally getting to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As far as Harry Potter movies go, I think this was one of the best attempts at interpreting the books. Especially one of the longer books like this one. One of the biggest problems in the past with the movies is the fact that the overlook much of the book. While they had to do it in this movie as well, they did find some creative ways of brushing over some of the important details they didn’t have time to get to. So when you go to the movie, pay close attention to the headlines in every newspaper. More subtle hints are throughout the movie just based on little one liners that people have throughout. Overall, I would give OOtP 4 out of 5 stars!

lordofthesoccer.jpgThat afternoon, we headed up to Manitou Springs with friends… Just outside of Colorado Springs, this quaint little town is well know for it’s historic Penny Arcade! This month, our game night gayleague.jpgwent on the road. We spent the evening playing all kinds of historic pinball and arcade games… as well as a few newer games. Games like this classic soccer game (above left) that when playing, as Mark pointed out, looked like Lord of the Dance Soccer. A penny to play though, very affordable! Also fun, was this basketball game (right). Take a close look at the people in the background having a very “gay” olé time!

swingbattabatta.jpgDan had some fun playing the baseball pinball like game where you had to try and hit specific gates to get single, double, triples or a homerun. The homerun was pretty much imposible on this game, shootemup.jpgbut still a lot of fun! They also had a large collection of shooting gallery games! (right) Click on any of these thumbnails to get a larger view of the different games. They had real homemade funnel cakes there… nothing compares to a homemade funnel cake!

Dan and Leslie had their nuttiness on the various rides there that they could barely fit into. leslieshelicopterride.jpgDan in his bright purple dragon, and leslie in her helicopter! Some of the other fun games were a newer pinball version of Lord of the Rings, and the Star Wars pinball games. Of course who can’t have a good time playing skeeball! It was a great time, and nice to revert back to childhood for an evening of fun back in a time forgotten by many! If anyone is looking for a great diversion while visiting Colorado, I highly recommend checking this Penny Arcade out. Much of it looks like it hasn’t changed in many many decades!

rosies.jpgWe got up the next morning, and drove back to Denver, stopping at a wonderful little diner in Monument, CO called Rosie’s. One of the few remaining classic diners out there, the food was great, and the atmosphere was fun! So thank you to Matt, Leslie, Mark, Walt, Bill and Clint for a wonderful time! Dan and I really enjoyed ourselves!

WooHoo!! Vacation Time Soon!

I just got done purchasing our tickets for our trip to Boston and New York for next month! It will be the first real vacation Dan and I have taken together, and my first vacation in over two years! Now what to do while we are there? I have been told definitely the NBC studios tour, oh and the Guggenheim… Any suggestions for those of you who have visited either place would be great!

Could life be any better? Oh yeah, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is finally in theaters! I wish I could see it tomorrow, but I want to see it with Dan, so it will probably be Saturday morning. It’s funny seeing the countdown at zero! I have had it up since the movie was more than a year a way!