Bond is Back!

Here is the trailer for “Quantum of Solace” due out this fall! I am very excited, as Craig is the best Bond since Connery, in my opinion! Enjoy!


Planet Earth: Discovery HD Theater

original.gifWell, after a long wait, I have finally received my Blu-Ray version of the American Discovery release of Planet Earth. Thank you Lorne for all your hard work getting the BBC version exchanged.

I can say that I am not disappointed in my decision to have the BBC version exchanged for the Discovery version. It is very evident that the Discovery Channel went to a lot more effort than the BBC release to make sure that the viewer got the best quality experience out of the Blu-Ray release. The imagery is as good if not better than what was experienced on the Discovery HD airing on HDTV.

Unlike the BBC release, there is none of the problems in shadows with weird lines. The colors are more vibrant and rich. Some purists may say that they messed up something that was perfect, but the production value of the American release is far superior to the BBC release. The music is more engaging, and the opening credits more intense, showcasing the series’ best moments. Sigourney Weaver’s narration is also much more suited to the series.

Jurassic Players

Gone the way of extinction… 8 Track, Betamax, and soon HD-DVD. I just blogged about Paramount’s ability to bail if they so want. While they are currently denying plans to do so, today, news comes that Universal (the last of two major studios distributing exclusively on HD-DVD) no longer has a contract with HD-DVD.

This clears the way for Universal to join the Blu-Ray bandwagon any day now. They have stated that they have some big HD-DVD promos already planned in the near future. They, however, have not denied plans to jump ship.

Many retailers are getting tired of dedicating space to the dying HD-DVD. I think we could see an end to this war in a matter of a few more months, even sooner possibly.

I feel bad for the 400k or so people that have adopted HD-DVD at this point. I know I would be feeling like crap right now if Blu-Ray were the side loosing, although at least I would still have a gaming unit out of it.

Thanks to Howard for the tip to the above mentioned article.

Star Trek Set To Boldly Go Blu?

According to this article from the financial times, Paramount apparently has a clause in their contract with the HD-DVD camp, that if Warner Bros. goes Blu, that they will be allowed to jump ship and join the Blu-Ray camp as well.

While this is only speculation at the moment, with 70% of Hollywood movies being released in Blu-Ray now, it only makes sense that Paramount would abandon the ailing HD-DVD format in this war. At that point, it would leave only Universal and Dreamworks on the HD-DVD side (it isn’t known wether either of them have this same clause).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I for one will be happy to be able to upgrade my Star Trek movies to Blu-Ray if it does indeed come to fruition! Hopefully the end of the war will also see a drop in price to the Blu-Ray camp to get more consumers adopting it.

Planet Earth Disappointment!

For Christmas, I received the Blu-Ray version of Planet Earth, the remarkable High Definition Mini-series documentarty about, what else, Planet Earth.

While the cinematography of this show is absolutely amazing, I was highly disappointed with what I received in the British release of this amazing mini-series. I originally saw much of it on Discovery HD Theater, and was blown away by the brilliant colors and amazing clarity! Definitely one of the biggest reasons I am glad I made the switch to High Def…

However, as I have since discovered, this DVD does not play well with 1080p even though it says it is 1080p in resolution. Much of the footage was wavy, and had a lot of noise in the picture. I had the opportunity to watch some of on the standard def version, and got none of the noise in the Blu-Ray version. I also was quite disappointed by the less than vibrant colors, and poor audio. I could barely hear the narrator. The best way to describe it, was like watching an old PBS documentary from the 70s, only in widescreen.

I have since returned this to amazon, and have ordered the version that Discovery is selling on their site with Sigourney Weaver narrating. It is only 1080i, but if it is even close to what was aired on DHDT, then it will be far better than this version. I believe the US release also contains much of the bonus footage that is absent from the BBC release.

I will give my review of the Discovery Blu-Ray version once I have received it.

Must Work On Bladder Control! :)

Well, I think I wet myself a little again this morning thanks to Howard! He sent me a link to the new trailer for Order of The Phoenix! Here it is in all it’s glory! This is shaping up to be the best of the movies so far!

If you want to see the high definition trailer, it has been released at yahoo now!

I Think I Just Wet Myself A Little! – Updated

Disney has announced that Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is coming to theaters this Oct. 20th in Disney Digital 3D!

Not only is this by far Tim Burton’s best film to date, but it is quite possible one of the best animated films of all time in my opinion. I still remember just being in awe of the masterpiece the first time I saw it in theaters! This film really will lend itself to a 3D treatment very well!

UPDATE 04/23/07: Well apparently, I somehow missed that this was actually released last Oct. 20th. What I have found out about is that it is getting a theatrical re-release this year on Oct. 19th, 2007. Still, the fact that it is in 3D makes me very excited and I can’t wait to see it! Thanks to Howard and Dan for bringing this faux pas to my attention.

Review – Bridge to Terabithia

Tonight, Dan and I decided to go on a real date for the first time in a long time. We had received some vouchers for a free movie from Safeway, and I had just gotten a coupon for a free meal from Noodles. Who says there isn’t such thing as a cheap date these days. We had it narrowed down to Terabithia or The Last Mimzy… A flip of the coin chose Terabithia.

I had not actually heard of the book before, however, Dan had read the book when he was younger. Being a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, I was fascinated by the fantasy side of the previews. I was not prepared for the great emotions that this movie would bring out in me. For those who haven’t seen it, you may not want to read the next few paragraphs.


Having dealt with some of the taunting from other school kids at an early age… I could relate to Jess’ hard time in school when the kids made fun of him. As the friendship developed, it was great to see how he was able to stand up to his nemesis’ more and more. When he came back from the museums with his teacher to find that Leslie had died trying to swing over the river, I swelled up with tears unlike any movie has made me do in recent memory.

Watching the pain that Jess had to go through was heart wrenching, and when he didn’t know what the parents meant by having to go and pay their respects, it really made me think about how little kids are prepared to deal with losing someone close. When his dad finally figured out that he needed to comfort his son, I just lost it. It meant a lot for me to finally see that this man that seemed to not want to show any love for his son, truly had a soul and had compassion after all.


I walked away surprised at how what I thought was mostly a children’s story, was far more than that. A movie that adults can see and still come away with as much from the film as the younger audience will take away from the film. The casting was phenomenal, and each actor brought a real trueness to their roles that made their characters believable. If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend going to it. Just make sure to bring that box of tissues with you!