I Got Inked

After years and years of not wanting a tattoo… This past couple year’s challenges and accomplishments has made me change my mind. To celebrate loosing 50+ lbs and getting back under 200 lbs for the first time since like elementary school, I decided to mark the occasion with a tattoo that I have designed.

It’s a rough interpretation of an eye to represent having my eyes opened to what is possible when I stop saying I can’t accomplish something or I’m to afraid to try because I might not be good at it. I have learned that it feels great to ignore the fear and just do it… Like the pain of getting the tattoo… The final outcome is worth a bit of being uncomfortable, because the pain goes away, but the beauty remains.


What have I learned?

This past year has been a rough time… Seems like no matter what I am hit with more problems. But I have learned that when surrounded by great people that want you to succeed… No matter how bad things get, there is always going to be someone there to help you pick up the pieces and, get things to a point where you can breath again.

I am really learning to find the positive in a bad situation… While not having my car this past month has sucked, biking to work has been great for my health, and getting to my goal weight faster.

And with my favorite time of year just around the corner, things have to start looking up!