The End of an Error!

I have had this little ticker in my side bar for what seems an eternity now:

When I put it up, it was in the somewhere in the 600s. I felt like this day would never come, but I can officially retire it from my sidebar! All I can say is wow! Obama’s speech was inspiring, and well put! I do hope that he can get the support behind him from this country needed for him to make the actual changes he proposes!

I wish you luck President Obama as you start, what will probably be, the most difficult challenge you will ever face! I feel that you have the drive to do what you promise, please don’t let the nay-sayers drag you down and make you lose focus. This country needs you more now than ever to set a course for recovery to correct the bumblings of the last 8 years.

I look forward to the ideas that you have for us, and hope that your 8 years in office can turn this country around!