My iPhone Grew A Spine!

The search for the perfect iPhone case is always a challenge. Well, my search is officially over! I received my case today from The CapsuleRebel is quite possibly the coolest looking case I have seen for any device to date.

It starts with a rubber shell that wraps the phone in protection goodness, then the “spine,” a hardshell plastic piece snaps on over the rubber keeping it from coming off.

Other accessories include two static cling covers (although, I am sticking with the anti-glare film because it doesn’t show the fingerprints), A plastic stand that allows you to prop the iPhone up for video viewing, a cover that plugs up the dock connection when not in use, and a universal dock adaptor so you can dock the iPhone without removing the case.

It comes in your choice of white or black to compliment the color you chose to buy. I am thinking I might buy the black one because I think it would look really cool (especially around Halloween) to have the black rubber with the white ribs on the back!

You can purchase it directly from Switcheasy’s website for $24.99 plus $3.00 shipping. This is a huge improvement over the original capsule that was designed for the first gen iPhone! I think I might actually continue using this case for once!

Update: It looks like they thought of my idea! Besides adding some cool colored cases, they have also added a black w/white spine like I wanted to do! It looks just as cool as I expected it would!


Things Younger Than McCain

Dan let me know about this fantastic blog: Things Younger Than McCain. I found this great video that shows just how much like Bush this man is. It also shows how much his stance has changed with the upcoming election. Make sure to pass this video on!

Apparently, It’s All In Our Heads!

It’s Psychological… That’s what McCain is currently saying our problem is here in the states… He feels that all of the economic problems are just in our head. Please visit to find out more info or to make a donation to help air this commercial.

The Grief Process

My family, at my brother, Rob’s wedding two summers ago.

My family, at my brother, Rob’s wedding two summers ago.

Losing my dad so soon has been such a surreal experience. The last few days have been such a roller coaster of emotions. From just breaking down completely after hearing, and not being able to control my emotions to trying to just figure out how I am supposed to feel right now. Everyone has been great, assuring me that there is no wrong way to be feeling right now.

The realization that I will never get to see my father has started to set in, and it is very hard for me to grasp right now. If one good thing has come out of all this, it’s that my brother and I worked great as a team pulling together to make many of the necessary calls needed to help get my father to his final resting spot with his parents. We were able to put all the awkwardness of our past aside and just deal with trying to do right by our father.

I don’t have any time frame as of yet when anything is to happen… I know that I am going to be making a few trips down to Arizona I am sure. I will have to help Darlene sort through all my father’s belongings to figure out what is what. I am not ready for any of that… Being the oldest, I am the executer, and that is a responsibility that just terrifies me!

I am going to try to go to work tomorrow, but my boss has assured me that whatever I need during this time, he will do everything he can to accommodate it. Dan is being so good to me! I have had moments where I have frankly been a right ass… and he said that I have every right to be that way right now… I still hate that I am… but I have not quite gained control of my emotions yet.

I thank all my friends that have offered their condolences and support during this time. It has been a great comfort to have everyone reach out like you have been!

Dealing With “The Call.”

Tonight has been the hardest night I have ever had in my whole life. A little more than an hour ago, I got a call from my father’s new wife, Darlene. They met a little more than a year ago, and got Married this past Thanksgiving. It took a very confusing call to get it out of her, but she finally told me that my father had a heart attack and was now with my Grandparents.

I have often wondered how I would deal with this first person that was really a part of my life died. Well, this is it, and I am wrecked. It is a bag of mixed emotions, I haven’t always had the best relationship with my father… Growing up, he tried, but failed over and over at truly understanding me, and I failed to understand him. For much of my life, I resented him for being that absent father, to being the one that left when I was just starting to struggle with my teenage years when my parents got divorced.

He tried, when I was young, to bond with me – taking me on a fishing trip to Canada… But he hurt his ankle the first day, and the rest of the week, I had to spend with the people we went with, not really knowing them. He tried getting me to be interested in his life… taking me to the dunes when I was a kid and getting me to ride the big wheel motorcycle… I hated it, and even more, hated falling in the sand and getting it in every crack.

When my parents got divorced, it only separated him and I more. I really came to resent him at that point, not wanting to go over to his place, but having to because of visitation. All through college, he was not there for me. I don’t know if he resented that I didn’t want to follow in his interests or wether he didn’t care at that point, but we didn’t talk but at holidays at that point.

It wasn’t until about 6 years ago, that he started trying to make amends for earlier by helping me get financially back on my feet, and trying to get together for a once a month dinner. It was an effort on his part, but I struggled to get past the past. It wasn’t until I had been with Dan for a year, that I finally decided it was time to have the conversation with my dad that I was gay, and it went way better than I could have imagined.

Since that point, my father and I had been in close contact and talked more often, and I felt like we were really getting to know one another. Then his health prevented him from being able to stay in Colorado, and had to move to a lower altitude. It was there, that he met Darlene. Obviously a good influence on him, it really seemed like things were better. He had a hard time visiting here with his condition, but seemed like things were getting better for him down there with a little exercise.

He and Darlene decided that they were going to take a trip up to Alaska to get away from the heat of Yuma, AZ. They were to go up for a few weeks, meet up with my aunt and uncle and godparents. Tonight, he was enjoying dinner with some of Darlene’s friends and after having some ice cream, sat down on the couch, and the rest we know already.

While we may not have always had the best relationship growing up, we had made amends, and I finally felt like I could let the anger go. I am thankful that he and I had that opportunity before he left this earth, and I hope that wherever he is now, that he is finally at peace. I haven’t always said it Dad, but I Love You, and I will miss what we had been able to start.

Glad We Didn’t Have A Reporter At AT&T This Weekend!

So, after finding out that I am again eligible for my AT&T discount on my calling plan with the new 3G iPhone, and the fact that original iPhones are selling for what I paid for the new one… I decided to make the plunge and had to wait it out both Friday morning and Saturday morning to get my new beauty.

I am just glad that there weren’t any reporters hanging out at the line I was in. Hopefully, this reporter learned his lesson! He was at a line in Burbank of people waiting to purchase the iPhone… Not understanding, he asked one guy if he has seen a woman nekid… Here is how it went down:

Having Fun With iPhone 2.0

While Apple hasn’t officially release iPhone 2.0. Some crazy people have found the link on Apple’s site to the software. I have gone ahead and installed it on my phone already! What can I say, Wow, Apple has outdone themselves with allowing apps to be written for the iPhone.

I have already downloaded a bunch of the free apps off the store, like AIM, Twitter, and Remote (which allows me to control the AppleTV and iTunes with my iPhone). I have also downloaded facebook and myspace. But one of the really cool free apps is Pandora Radio. Dan has been using this website for quite a while to discover new music, and now, it is available on the iPhone to discover new music! Another great app for those getting the new 3G iPhone is Where… It will allow you to network with friends so they can see where you are… I tried it on my phone, but it has me about 4 blocks from where I really am.

I downloaded Cro-Mag rally, which is a fun little game (think Mario Kart except with cavemen and women). Looks like it has the ability to sync with other iPhones, and race against other people.

Once the mobileme transition is complete, I look forward to seeing how the push mail and other stuff works, but just having the apps is an amazing day! If you don’t have an iPhone yet, this will certainly sway you in favor of getting one once you see the 500 plus apps already on the store!

Now, where to get $300 to get my iPhone 3G?

Dan May Be Coming Home Today!

This week has been a rough week for Dan and I. He went in on Tuesday to have a surgery performed on his kidney. He’s been having problems with kidney infections all year, and this last one he had the doctors do a little more research. They found that he had a congenital defect that had caused a blood vessel to be wrapped around the ureter from his kidney to his bladder. As a consequence, his kidney could not expel its urine correctly and has been backing up his whole life. It had had gotten so bad, his right kidney is twice the size of his left and functioning only at 18%.

This meant surgery for him. So he has been anxiously awaiting this past Tuesday to hit for almost 2 months now. He had a long wait, as they were to perform the surgery laparoscopically with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, of which Denver only has two (so long waiting lists). He chose to go with Porter Hospital by DU. Very nice hospital btw! Great staff, except his Nurse after surgery apparently.

We went in Tuesday morning, after he had to fast for 48 hours and not drink for 12 hours… by, was he miserable! We got to meet with his doctor who described the procedure to us, in terms that actually made sense to us! Myself and his family then had to wait for the procedure to be finished (longest 5 hours of my life!). The nurse called me about every 30 minutes to give me updates on his progress! That really was reassuring to know everything was going well. They finished ahead of schedule, then we had to wait 2 hours for him to come out of anesthesia to go visit him. Everything went very well, and he is recovering nicely.

He is finally back on solid foods as of this morning, starting with some cream of wheat. They are going to try him out on some pudding next, then if all goes well, he will get to have a real dinner later! There is a good chance that he will get to come home tonight! It has been really hard for me to sleep without him around, and the cats are not taking it well either… Waldo, who loves to eat, didn’t even touch his food bowl all day yesterday, although he did finally decide to come sleep with me last night.

I am getting ready to spend the rest of the day at the hospital with him, and hopefully tonight, will have him home so he can try and get on with his recovery. He is scheduled to be laid up recovering for 3-6 weeks. Please keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recovery as he will get very tired of being cooped up in the house very quickly! That and the sooner he recovers, the sooner we can start the search for our new family member!