Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – March 31, 2007


Wow, this week went fast! Feels like I just did one of these.

My friend Dusty sent me this link to a fun site where you can create your own Jackson Pollock inspired painting.

Here is a hilarious video from the Ellen show that I came across on a new blog I discovered this week at Ryan’s Legroom.

This is a great video I came across on Gizmodo. They had run an article about this guy’s flat in the UK a bit ago. But now the BBC news ran a piece on his place that will be going up for sale on ebay soon.

Scissor Sister fans will find this little gem from Musings of a Purple Dragon funny! A great cover version of I Don’t Feel Like Dancing bluegrass style

Does Ann Coulter really get under your skin? How about Chap your hide? Well, Out in Hollywood has found a way to let you shit all over her!

My boyfriend Dan finally got that new job… He’s all grown up now with a profession and everything! Way to go Mr.!

Howard has a really great tribute post to a very special lady that was a huge influence in his improv career at The Web Pen.

And finally, Spicy has written about how Homeland Security wants to make the classic movie TRON simply disappear.


My Life In Cars

In honor of the 2007 car show this weekend, I found this on Rambling along in life…with a Stern point of view and found it interesting enough that I thought I would do it myself. If I can find pictures, I will get them posted later.

1. 1971 Ford Maverick: This car had grown up in Kansas where they used salt on their roads. I was originally supposed to get our 1969 convertible Camaro when I turned 16, but we had to sell it to pay for my cat’s surgery. So, instead, when I turned 16, my mom found this car through a friend of her’s. It was so rusted from it’s winters in Kansas that it had a 1′ x 2′ hole on either side of the trunk, as well as along the whole bottom of the car. I was seriously afraid that it would separate from the bottom of the car everytime I put on the brakes! I had this for the summer I worked at summer camp. It became nicknamed “The Grabber” by my fellow bunkmates because they thought it looked like the car a child molester would drive, driving by and grabbing kids as they passed. A little disturbing, I know! That car didn’t last more than 9 months, and by then, my mom had bought a truck that she really liked, so I ended up with her car.

2. 1980 Honda Accord: This was a great car, spent half of my Senior year of high school with this one. I named this one Herbie! I think it had close to 200k miles on it when I took it over in 1989. My mom decided I needed reliable transportation since I had to be in charge of taking my brother to appointments and what not. This one didn’t last very long as well, as in December that year, I was at a party for my summer camp. I was coming down the mountain, and hit a patch of sand that hadn’t been cleaned up from the last snow storm. I lost complete control (around, as I found out later, affectionately called “Dead Man’s Curb”) on Hwy 285. I totalled the car and would have been dead through the windshield and down a 200 ft cliff if I hadn’t had my seat belt on.

3. 1980 Ford Courier Pickup: Upon wrecking the Accord, my mom decided she wanted to get herself a new vehicle as she wasn’t as enamoured with the pickup as she had been. So she let me have her truck, and she got herself a newer car. She had it painted for me as it had come from the Humane Society and was in bad shape, had a lot of dents all over, most notably the one on the roof from where a Mt. Lion had decided to make home once. I had this one as I started college, and was great for getting back and forth. I had the bench taken out, and put in bucket seats from an old camaro. It was interesting to say the least. I really liked the truck, but it started having problems with the rotor that set of the sparks, and would missfire, so I had to have a stock of them to get back and forth from Colorado to Nebraska. Eventually, it was too difficult to maintain, so I gave the truck to my mom and she let my brother have it to drive.

4. 1980 Diesel Rabbit: I ended up buying myself this car for $300. It ended up being a great car for six months. I put 22k miles on it in that time. Many road trips during college to different states around Nebraska, as well as many trips back home. The main problem it had was that the glow plugs didn’t work well, so I had to usually jump start it. I still remember the day the running team decided to help me (I always tried to park at the top of the hill so I could just coast it). This time, I couldn’t get my spot so I had a long way to go to get to it. So the running team pushed me to get it going, that was the last time they offered as I left them in a huge plume of nasty black diesel smoke. There was also the time coming back from Kansas, that the end of the car was near, I was driving back at night, and the car wasn’t keeping much of a charge anymore, so the lights kept getting dimmer and dimmer till I got back to campus. The next morning, I tried to start it and the timing chain snapped. That was the end of that car!

5. 1979 Honda Civic CVCC Hatchback: This one I bought for $750 from a family friend. It was a very tiny, but solid car. Anyone who’s seen these knows how small they are. If you remeber the Yugo, this was still smaller. Even today’s mini coopers’s are bigger. This car had it’s little oddities mainly the fact that the only way to lock the drivers side was to lock it from the inside and get out on the passenger side. As a result, the previous owner had rigged an alarm that would set off the airhorn he put in the car if you opened the door when the alarm was active, with a switch behind the gas tank door to turn it on or off. It was also old enough that it still had a primer switch to start it on cold mornings. Outside of that, it was such a joy to drive! I loved the car, it was so small, I could go just about anywhere and fit in parking spots that nobody else could. I had this for 2 years, and was sad to part with it, but I sold it as my mom had given me a newer car for graduation… a year early. So I sold it for $500.

6. 1986 Datsun/Nissan Stanza: Once again, my mom’s former car when she decided to go for the more sportier Nissan Pulsar, I got a bit of an upgrade with this car. I had four doors again, and for the first time, all the power accessories you could possibly want! It had the special 50th Anniversary badge on the front, and was labeled as both a Datsun and a Nissan as it was the in-between years as they transitioned names for the brand. For me it was the height of a luxury car! And boy did it go fast! I remember many times driving between the little towns around my college and getting up to like 115-120 mph! Not a lot of cops in that area. 🙂 I had this car for about 2 years till it started having engine problems. I then decided it was time for a new car!

7. 1994 Plymouth Neon: I absolutely loved these cars, they were so ahead of their time when they first came out design wise! I got a lot of head turns at first when I got the car as they were very hard to get, and nobody new what it was yet. Unfortunately 2 weeks after buying it, Denver got hit with a severe hail storm that did $3000k worth of body damage to it. His name was Nermal because he reminded me of Garfield’s little buddy in the comic strip. It was a greyish purple. I had a bunch of transmission problems that finally resulted in them having to replace the transmission after only 2 years. Apparently the early ones had problems with the engine mount bolts falling out. So I finally traded it in… And what did I get?

8. 1996 Plymouth Neon: After all the problems I had, I still traded in Nermal for a new Neon. What was I thinking? This one was definitely a much better car, many of the bugs had been worked out. This one was flame red, and as a result, his name was Nelly, because he was a real flamer! By this time they had become overly popular, and I was not as excited with it as I was my first one. I got a new job that involved a lot of highway driving and there was a lot of construction, so after 3 years I traded it in for something that helped me see more of what was going on on the interstate.

9. 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10 4×4 2 Door: I decided to butch it up a little I guess. It was very nice to sit high enough to see what was going on ahead of me. It was a big change over anything I had driven to date. A very comfortable ride! But alas, it was 4×4 and required a lot of maintenance. I was spending around $1000 every three months keeping it going, and the gas… whew, that was costly! And more importantly, I never took it off road, so what was the point? And I guess I wasn’t thoroughly attached as it never got named.

10. 1998 Nissan Altima: The distant cousin of my old Stanza, this was a much bigger car, and even more power accessories. I traded the Blazer in for this much more fuel efficent car. He was named Attila. I had been transfered and was only working 10 minutes from home, so I no longer had the need to drive on the interstate. This car saw me through a few road trips to California, and was also to date the longest I owned a car, almost 4 years. In that four years I think I spent as much on maintenance as 3 months of owning the Blazer. Much better on my pocket book. Alas though, now as a homeowner, it was not very practical. So I sold it last July.

11. 1999 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner: And now to present day. I now have Taco. I have been very happy with it, and it has made getting stuff to work on the house much easier! Although, being 2WD and rear wheel drive, it was a challenge to get used to over this past winter, and got stuck a couple times. But the snow we got this past year was not very normal! But I learned a lot and driving should go better next winter!

The Real Real World

My co-worker was telling me today that his wife is moving her interior design business. They are relocating to the upstairs of the Real World Denver house. He got to take a tour of the place with his wife, and from his description, the house has not been touched since they finished filming. There were even sheets still left on the bed. He told me when they are all moved that I can come take a tour of the place! I don’t really care about the show, but I have always loved seeing the houses they create for each season, and it would be cool to see the place after the changes. I guess the main level is being converted to a restaurant.

Condo Update

I have just spoke with my realtor, and we have agreed that it is finally time. We are officially lowering the price today to $95,000. It has been a hard decision, but the market in Denver is just not what it once was. Over-saturated and not enough new people coming in.

I am again asking, if you know anyone in the Denver area looking for a place to let them know about my place. Here is the listing if you want to find anything more out about the place.

There is some promise on the horizon as two other units have recently gone under contract. I hope that is a sign of the market turning around!

Review – Bridge to Terabithia

Tonight, Dan and I decided to go on a real date for the first time in a long time. We had received some vouchers for a free movie from Safeway, and I had just gotten a coupon for a free meal from Noodles. Who says there isn’t such thing as a cheap date these days. We had it narrowed down to Terabithia or The Last Mimzy… A flip of the coin chose Terabithia.

I had not actually heard of the book before, however, Dan had read the book when he was younger. Being a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, I was fascinated by the fantasy side of the previews. I was not prepared for the great emotions that this movie would bring out in me. For those who haven’t seen it, you may not want to read the next few paragraphs.


Having dealt with some of the taunting from other school kids at an early age… I could relate to Jess’ hard time in school when the kids made fun of him. As the friendship developed, it was great to see how he was able to stand up to his nemesis’ more and more. When he came back from the museums with his teacher to find that Leslie had died trying to swing over the river, I swelled up with tears unlike any movie has made me do in recent memory.

Watching the pain that Jess had to go through was heart wrenching, and when he didn’t know what the parents meant by having to go and pay their respects, it really made me think about how little kids are prepared to deal with losing someone close. When his dad finally figured out that he needed to comfort his son, I just lost it. It meant a lot for me to finally see that this man that seemed to not want to show any love for his son, truly had a soul and had compassion after all.


I walked away surprised at how what I thought was mostly a children’s story, was far more than that. A movie that adults can see and still come away with as much from the film as the younger audience will take away from the film. The casting was phenomenal, and each actor brought a real trueness to their roles that made their characters believable. If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend going to it. Just make sure to bring that box of tissues with you!

Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – March 25, 2007


I want to start of this week with Scott’s new post over at Scott-O-Rama. He has an in-depth review of Mika’s new album, due out this coming Tuesday here in the States. I had posted his Grace Kelley video a while back over at Waking Up With Morning Song as I fell in love with his music with the first listen! Here is his latest video for Love Today, another fantastic song! As it says on Mika’s Myspace site:

“If he’s not on your iPod playlist, you must be living on Mars” – Inside Entertainment


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Andy over at Spicy Cauldron writes about a bridge with a rich history that local officials have been fighting to change the name over. Well they lost, and it gets to keep it’s great name!

Howard has posted a sneak peak preview of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End!

I Am Bossy has a funny look at the final stages of replacing the shingles on her roof. Something I am not looking forward to here at our house!

Yeay!!! We have a new member of the growing Mac family over at actorschmactor!

Dan explains why he decided to get a tattoo of bacon on his wrist.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week.

Erasure – I Could Fall In Love With You

I came across a fan slide show that has the entire new Erasure single in it to listen to! Some of you may remember them from their big hits in the 80s “Chains of Love” and “A Little Respect.” I have been asked to be part of the Virtual Street Team for Erasure, so I will be trying to help promote the album in what ever way possible.

“I Could Fall In Love With You” will be released in the UK on April 2nd and the US on April 3rd. A clip can be heard via their myspace site. The new album “Light at the end of the world” will be released on May 21st in the UK, and the 22nsd of May in the US.

They will also be touring in June with Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls and The Gossip (amongst others) on the True Colors festival in North American and Canada to support the Human Rights Campaign.

Things Went Well

My fears of my father’s visit with his fiancé have been laid to rest. They made it over for dinner last night, and she is definitely not the future stepmom from Cinderella! It really felt that the two of them were genuinely happy together. It didn’t end up being as awkward an evening as I thought it would be!

I am glad I took the day off from work, it gave me time to get things ready without feeling rushed. This was the first time my dad has been to the house, so I wanted to make sure things were just right (which I know was driving Dan nuts!). He couldn’t believe how big the backyard was. He was impressed with what we have accomplished so far, and liked the ideas of what we have planned for the future. I got the sense that he was proud of what I had done.

He brought some pork chops that Dan grilled up. Dan and I still have a lot to learn about grilling, as the were a tad overcooked, but the still tasted great to me. Dan had picked out some of the largest baked potatoes I have ever seen. As a family tradition, I also had to have shrimp cocktail ready as an appetizer. Of course, I didn’t read the directions, and should have bought them the night before, so they were still a bit frozen, but they still tasted good!

Darlene definitely made the evening flow. I was nervous and didn’t know what to ask, but she did a good job of keeping the conversation flowing. She even asked Dan to demonstrate the Wii for her. I definitely felt more at ease talking with my father. It really seams that Darlene has been good for him. He has really come to accept Dan as part of the family. While I was cleaning up after dinner, he and Dan talked, giving Dan some pointers on grilling.

I am feeling a big sense of releif at this point. It wasn’t near as hard for me to see him with someone new as I thought it would be. And Darlene seemed really glad to get to meet us, and didn’t feel at all uncomfortable around Dan or I. It was nice to see that our relationship didn’t seem to bother her in the least. She even wanted to get a picture of Dan and I togehter to take with her.

They both made it abudnantly clear that we will be having to make a trip to Yuma to visit them at her home next winter. We won’t be going in the summer as it’s just too hot for Dan and I to want to go. In the end, I felt happy for my dad that he has met someone new that he can share his life with, and she is obviously doing some good for him.